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Sceptre of Cleo Slots (Oryx Gaming)

Sceptre of Cleo Slots (Oryx Gaming)

5/5 (525)
Journey back in time to visit the infamous Egyptian queen in Sceptre of Cleo, the online video slot from Oryx. Watch ancient history come alive before your very eyes as you play for the biggest cash prizes on this game of online slots. Will you become a victim of Cleo’s renowned charm?

The Sceptre of Cleo is played against a background which depicts delicate hieroglyphics, carved out in excruciating detail into an aged stone wall. The setting is simultaneously intricate and simple yet remarkably effective in creating the right ambience.

Sceptre of Cleo is played on 5 reels with a maximum of 9 paylines. These aren’t fixed and you can adjust these using the field below the reels. You can’t play with less than one payline but you can pick any number between one and nine and you can change the setting as often as you want.

On the reels, there’s only a handful of Egyptian along with representations of playing cards but there’s nothing meaningless included. You’ll find Cleo herself together with the Eye of Horus, a gilded sphinx, and the scepter, which is shaped like an asp and a pyramid.

Try out Sceptre of Cleo and plunge into adventure! You will totally enjoy this cool game and you will come back to play more.

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