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    Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Slot (HABANERO) slot (HABANERO)

    Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Slot (HABANERO) slot (HABANERO)

    5/5 (611)
    Remember Egyptian Dreams by Habanero, with its 5 reels and 25 paylines? Well it’s back, but this time it’s had the deluxe treatment - Egyptian Dreams Deluxe. It’s quite common in the online casino game market to take a successful title and up the ante. This is exactly what the makers have done here. It’s a recent release, having arrived on screens in August 2018. The Egyptian Dreams Deluxe slot has some similarities to the original, but is bigger, better, and more impressive – and who doesn’t love the deluxe touch?

    The major change from then to now, is that it utilizes a feature originally created by the software house Microgaming. The 243 ways to win system was a revolutionary new way to lay out slot machines, that has been taken on board by many other studios since. In this game it actually equates to 3125 ways to win, as extra win lines can be built up via winning combinations. But this is by no means a one trick pony, as there are plenty more features to delve into, on this voyage of discovery.

    Try out Egyptian Dreams Deluxe and you will definitely enjoy this cool game from Habanero, that could bring you closer to your next win. Play it now and you are sure to come back again and again.
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    Egyptian Dreams Deluxe Slot (HABANERO) slot (HABANERO)

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