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JUMANJI® Slots (NetEnt)

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JUMANJI® Slots  (NetEnt)

JUMANJI® Slots (NetEnt)

5/5 (433)
Jumanji® is the newest branded game by NetEnt™, based on the original Jumanji movie from 1995. NetEnt™ brings its own twist to the Jumanji universe by transforming the calamities that befell Alan into features with slot mechanics. The Board Game feature\tis unique and\tamong\tthe\tfirst\tof\tits\tkind\tas it\tcombines\telements\tof\tboard\tgames\tand\tFree\tSpins\tfeatures.\tJumanji®\tis\ta\t5reel\tvideo\tslot\tgame\twith\t4\trandom\tfeatures,\ta\tBoard\tGame\twith\t4\tdifferent Free\tSpins,\ta\tMystery\tFeature,\tcoins\twins,\tand\textra\tdice\trolls.\tThe\t5\treels\tare in\ta\tgeometric\tform\twhere\tthe\treels\tare\t3,\t4,\t5,\t4,\t3\tsymbols\thigh\tfrom\tleft\tto right.

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