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    Tortuga Gold Slot (Oryx Gaming) slot (Oryx Gaming)

    Tortuga Gold Slot (Oryx Gaming) slot (Oryx Gaming)

    4/5 (262)
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! There’s nothing friendly about these pirates as you play Tortuga Gold – The Bay of Fortune by developer Oryx. This swashbuckling game sees a gang of cruel pirates set out to destroy other seafarers and take the booty back to their lair. Will you be able to succeed in winning plenty of swag from the reels?

    The opening animated introduction shows the pirates doing what they love the most: robbing an innocent vessel of all its treasure and taking it back to their cave. And these pirates bear no relation to the genial Captain Pugwash as they sneer and snarl and wave their cutlasses around while they wait for the next victim.

    As you enter into the Tortuga Gold, a chill descends on the air as you look around the murky sea and wonder if that’s the skull shaped pirate’s den that lies just ahead! On the reels you’ll find an array of pirate-themed symbols from the bones making up the playing card letters to the stolen treasure and the skull cave with the eerie glowing eyes. And of course, there’s the swashbucklers themselves, all with appropriately awful names such as John Backstabber and Bloodbucket.

    Try out Tortuga Gold and plunge into adventure! You will totally enjoy this cool game and you will come back to play more.
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    Tortuga Gold Slot (Oryx Gaming) slot (Oryx Gaming)

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