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    Ruffled Up Slot (HABANERO) slot (HABANERO)

    Ruffled Up Slot (HABANERO) slot (HABANERO)

    4/5 (442)
    Yet another slot which is centered upon the ever-dependable theme of animals, Ruffled Up is a compact yet deep and expansive progressive video slot from the good folk at Habanero software. Possessing the standard number of 5 reels and an impressive 243 paylines, the game holds a simple premise and inspiration – making it all the more enjoyable to the impartial or non-committal player.

    Colourful, immensely happy and complete with some brilliant and very high definition graphics; Ruffled Up features some alternative design decision which act to immediately set it apart from the pack. For starters, the reels which are central to the game are transparent, with backgrounds that chance frequently between sunny skies to overcast, moody tones. Though a minor detail, this ever-changing background allows for a greater affinity between player and game, ultimately elongating the amount of time players can stand sticking with one game.

    Also worth mentioning here is the games ‘Bet Max’ function, a standard with progressives as well as standard slot games, which allows the option of setting the maximum bet. This function being reserved for the real high rollers among us!

    Try out Ruffled Up and you will definitely enjoy this cool game from Habanero, that will bring you closer to your next win. Play it now and you will come back to play again and again.
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    Ruffled Up Slot (HABANERO) slot (HABANERO)

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